Royal Blue


I love royal blue. It looks amazing with any hair colour, and ginger/red especially. Actually, everything about this outfit is royal, not just the colour of the dress. I’m especially proud of my black military jacket. I bought it to reward myself for passing my grammar-school-leaving exam (basically A-levels). It comes from Camaïeu (probably not surprisingly), and it was quite expensive but I’ve had it for over four years now and I can honestly say it’s good quality, and certainly good-looking.


The dress is a beautiful (and cheap!) piece from H&M. I bought it when I was staying in Budapest, and I think they might still have it in another colour version (and maybe even with stripes). As for the tights, they are from Marks and Spencer, and they were a part of the Diamond Jubilee collection. The label on the packaging said “Unite the Kingdom and Celebrate”. Truly royal. And the shoes are British too. They’re a souvenir from my trip to Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. I bought them at Shoe Zone for a few quid. And finally, one of my favourite necklaces: I bought the metal owl at a jewellery making supply shop called Korallo, here in town, and attached it to the chain. Voilà!


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