Everyday Elf | A nonconformist taste in fashion and style.



Everyday Elf


One cold, hazy January afternoon I emerged from the light, leafy forests of Southern Moravia to live among city folk.

My name is Olga, and I come from the beautiful Central European country of the Czech Republic. Officially, I am a teacher of English as a second language. However, I am also an avid, yet down-to-earth traveller, a k-pop enthusiast, a disorganised reader of books, a haircolour chameleon, I’ve had a life-long relationship with video games, and, most importantly for this blog, I am a fashion lover and experimenter.


Windy Liverpool

Liverpool Style


I haven’t yet found the right definition for my style. It’s eclectic, individualistic – and, more than anything, colourful. (Many times have I admired and tried to emulate the minimalist grey and black combos I’ve seen in magazines but they just don’t work for me.)

Usually, I don’t actively seek inspiration. It just comes to me, in any possible form: street style, shop windows, mags or films. And since I am merely a poor teacher, I often have to abandon the original idea and transform it according to my wardrobe or purse. And to be honest, the outcomes are usually fun and interesting.

Generally, I prefer skirts to trousers. My favourite colours are mint green, turquoise and lilac. I adore red and coral lipsticks. I own quite a collection of shoes, and also various handbags, mostly my mum’s hand-me-downs.

And I have my own idea of fashion, and I’m not afraid to present it.



The result of years of collecting.


I have decided to start my own blog because I like my own style, and I think it’s quite unique. I cannot say I’m doing this to impress anyone or to become a leading blogger. I’m grateful for every follower, and it makes me happy to see that people like what I do. But first of all I do this for myself – simply because I like being creative and, let’s face it, just like everyone, I’m a bit vain and I like to look pretty. And since I’m not keen on posting loads of selfies on Facebook, here I am, writing my own fashion blog.

I hope you enjoy it. I do.


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