It is quite difficult for me to choose a nice, fitting formal shirt. My experience is such, that it usually is too small and too loose at the same time because most standardised versions you can find in regular shops are probably not made with real people’s needs in mind. With this one, however, I was lucky. I found it at Orsay in Budapest, and I couldn’t decide whether to buy it not. I’m glad I did in the end! The black details (the bow especially!) add a pinch of uniqueness to an ordinary white blouse.


As you might have noticed from my previous posts, I like colours a lot, so although this is a formal outfit, it doesn’t mean that I let it remain black and white only. As the bottom part, I chose my beloved, multi-purpose dark blue trousers from Camaïeu, and with accessories comes the colour: pink handbag, pink bracelet, and pink-and-blue flats. Everything pink. The shoes come from Deichmann, and I got the bracelet at C&A many years ago. As for the handbag, it’s one of my favourites; unfortunately I probably cannot expect it to last very long as I bought it at a cheap street stall. But it still looks brand new!


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