Hidden in the Vines


Cooler days are here, so I put on a sweater, a beret and a pair of socks! Yes, socks. It’s not hard to notice that most people see socks as something that’s only good for practical reasons. And they don’t even pay attention to them – any colour, any material… However, when chosen carefully, socks can be an amazing accessory. Personally, I strongly dislike white sport socks, especially when worn outside their natural habitat, i.e. tennis courts, which usually happens to be the case. But I love quality colourful and patterned socks, and I like to show them off – I let them peek from underneath my chino trousers or, like in these pictures, I even dare to combine them with a skirt and flats. Scandalous.


The great thing about this whole outfit is the strong contrast between turquoise, black and pink. Thanks to the simplicity of the individual pieces it turns out really nice. The featured sweater is one of my winter favourites, and I bought it at C&A. It’s warm and loose and incredibly snugly. The pink beret is from I Am, and it came with a great discount (I only paid 90 CZK, which is roughly £2.5 or 3€). The famous socks are from Lindex, my beautiful black skirt comes from H&M, and the shoes are from Shoe Zone.


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