From an Exoplanet


Let me introduce you to my latest infatuation: Korean pop music, or K-Pop. My first encounter with K-pop was, naturally, the song Gangnam Style some three years ago. I loved it but after that one I did not really pay any more attention to Korean music scene. Almost a year ago I read an article on Korean fashion and influencers – still, I did not make much of it. But then, just about a month ago, I watched a short video on K-pop dancing, and thought – why not look up the songs?


And so came the avalanche. Instantly I fell in love with the boy band SHINee. Sweet melodies, strong beats, and five distinctive members. Then I came across Big Bang. At first I was reluctant but then the rough, bad-boy identity of the band took over. And then EXO appeared. At first I just thought of using one or two of their songs as music to dance to. And then I grew obsessed with the songs. And then with the band. And then I bought a necklace with their symbol, and started street-dancing (sort of)… The only things missing are futuristic boots and a silver jacket. (But surely that can be arranged.)


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