Summer Vibes (Ko Ko Bop)


Summer is in full swing, and the best way for me to fully enjoy the hot weather and lazy days is to stuff myself with lemon sorbet while listening to chill and optimistic music. Luckily for me, my favourite k-pop group, EXO, has released a new album that gives off exactly that sort of mood – all that in spite of its ominous name (The War). The main track, Ko Ko Bop, has become my new summer anthem.


In addition to great music, EXO’s new comeback has also brought with it a brand new concept and fashion style. Colourful shirts, pastel hair dyes and Caribbean-inspired prints naturally complement the care-free attitude that comes hand in hand with summer-time and beach holidays. I tried to put together all of these features to pull off an outfit that reflects the relaxed, happy feel of Ko Ko Bop.


To give you an idea of where I took my inspiration from, I found and put together a few pictures and snapshots from the new EXO photoshoot and Ko Ko Bop music video. Enjoy!


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