On Top of the World (Shanghai Tower)


Shanghai is a city of skyscrapers. The skyline of the Lujiazui district is perhaps the most famous image of the city – the Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower, Shanghai Financial Centre, and the newest, tallest and most impressive addition to its already illustrious collection – Shanghai Tower. You can’t go much higher than that – with its 632 metres, the tower is the tallest building in China and second tallest in the world. So it is a natural tourist magnet, and for the longest time I knew I had to visit, too, and I would be reminded of it every day, since I can actually see it from my apartment window!


I planned to execute this trip on a working day (so that I would dodge the biggest tourist crowds) and in a time of a low pollution level, which turned out to be an almost impossible requirement. As a result, the view from the tower wasn’t perfect due to all the smog gathered in the city, however, the actual experience was remarkable. Perhaps the most fascinating part of it was the fact that the superfast lifts work at incredible 18 m/s, which meant I got from the basement to the observatory on the 118th floor in 55 seconds.


And as for the amazing views from such height – you can find them in my little gallery below. Enjoy!


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