The Ancient Garden


Even here in China I am lucky to have some fantastic, hard-working and really friendly students, and this is especially true about my adult class. One of them took me for a trip last Sunday, and I even had the chance to meet her two lovely daughters. We went to an ancient garden called Guyi garden (古猗园) in one of the suburban districts of Shanghai. The weather was perfect, and even though it was scorchingly hot, we managed to hide among the trees and bamboo plants most of the time.


After strolling around the garden, we moved to a nearby old street in an area known as Nanxiang town (南翔镇), where we admired tiny old shops with trinkets and food, and finally feasted, to our great satisfaction, on Shanghainese egg-and-tomato soup and traditional local dumplings filled with minced meat. Since I usually only spend time with other foreigners (mainly due to my non-existent Chinese), I greatly enjoyed and appreciated this experience.


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