Century Park


Recently, Shanghai has been experiencing a spell of hot and windy, yet dry weather. Perfect for walking around, basking in the sun (or hiding in the shade, depending on your preference) of some of the city’s numerous green parks. Considering the size of Shanghai, there can never be enough green areas, however, every district, and in fact every housing compound, has at least a few square metres of greenery where the elderly can perform their taichi routines and mothers can bring their toddlers to play.


Last weekend, the park of choice was the Century Park, located in the area of Pudong (that is, east of the river), almost an hour’s journey from the area where I live. Although the park itself is not as intricately designed as some of the Chinese-garden-like ones I have seen in other parts of Shanghai and in Suzhou, it is spacious and offers a much welcome break from the never-ending, restless city life.



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