Hidden in the Greenery


Another short holiday – and yet another trip to the lovely watertown of Suzhou. It seemed to me that I hadn’t seen enough of it in autumn, and to be honest, I was also well aware that with all the tourist crowds that swarmed into the town then, I felt rather uneasy and wanted to revisit at a more peaceful time. Well, to say the least, arranging the trip for a May Day weekend could have been the worst of terrible ideas, but fortunately it turned out that most travellers had chosen other destinations.


Finally an opportunity to savour and appreciate Suzhou’s famous gardens and parks in all their beauty! And in amazing weather, too – it was basically summer already. Only a day or two before this trip did I realise, how much I needed such a warm, relaxing holiday. It is too easy to just fall into a routine – so when you leave the house one day, you find out the season has changed! Small trips and treats like this one keep me awake.


Below, I have compiled a small collection of pictures of the Suzhou greenery I took on this trip. Enjoy!


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