Show Your Colours


Being a language teacher has one big advantage for the fashion-conscious among us: no dresscode or uniform. Naturally, this is not a universal policy; I am more than certain there are fairly strict requirements at many high schools and high-end language centres, but I have been somehow avoding those all these years. Therefore, in my current workplace, I needn’t worry about this; in fact, I have been moving more towards the other side of the spectrum – casual, casual, casual.


That is again not true of all my lessons – when I teach adult Chinese professors and researchers, I tend to dress up a little bit. However, I bet that the teenagers in my classes know me best for variably purple hair, vaguely matching t-shirts, jeans and trainers. What can I do? Walking around tile-floored classrooms all day and writing on blackboard with colourful chalk is not very fashion-friendly. So I always save my favourite outfits for the weekend – making them literally my Sunday best.



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