Puppy Eyes


If you’re interested in Asian culture, or happen to move into an Asian country, one thing you start noticing is a great number of young people – especially girls – trying to look different from everyone else in the crowd. It is understandable: if you live in a country where all of its billion inhabitants are born with the same colour of hair and eyes, you want to stand out. So you start bleaching and dyeing your hair. But that’s not all.


The next step is changing the colour of your eyes. Or make them look bigger. Or both. And so the cosmetic lense industry in Asia is thriving. And even if you feel content with whatever colour of the iris you naturally have (like me), seeing it everywhere makes you want to try. So I did. For the start, I bought a pack of five pairs of daily contact lenses. In black. Unlike some of my students, I don’t intend to wear them every day, because I don’t feel the need. Also, I wasn’t really aiming to enlarge my irises, just change the colour, yet alas, it seems that the diameter of all of these lenses is slightly bigger.


Anyway, I think it’s worth a try! It’s the perfect thing for a night out. Luckily for me, the lenses are actually corrective, so I don’t even need to wear glasses. And in addition to all that they make me look a little bit like a Japanese anime character. What’s not to love?



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