Travelling in Time


I chose to call this post Travelling in Time for three major reasons. First of all, these photos were taken on our trip to Suzhou last autumn, so I was actually travelling at that time. In fact, in the main photo I am standing in front of the Suzou train station on the day of our return to Shanghai. Second reason for this name is the outfit I am wearing: yet another variation on my 70’s look.


The third reason, however, is probably the most prominent one: travelling to and around China actually does mean travelling in time. In both directions. And you don’t even have to travel around that much. Living in Shanghai, I keep seeing the future – maglev trains, super slick mobile phones, people usings apps that will do virtually anything for them. However, I also keep looking back by thirty, forty, fifty years – elderly citizens dancing, exercising and playing chess in the park, poor bistro owners washing dishes in basins right in the street, communist posters promoting “integrity, civility and traditional values”. There are few places in the world where you can experience such a massive clash of the past and the future.



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