Save It for a Rainy Day


When I speak about rainy days in connection to Shanghai, I mean literally rainy days. It seems to me that in Shanghai it rains all the time. In the summer you get hurricanes and torrential rains, in autumn it rains because it’s autumn, in winter it rains because it’s too warm for snow… In fact, it shouldn’t be so; one of my colleagues told me Shanghainese autumn and spring tend to be warm, dry and sunny, yet I haven’t seen any of that.


There are clear, beautiful days – from time to time. The first week or two after I had arrived last September were like that, yet afterwards the weather just settled for constant greyness. And smog. And considering the city itself is also mostly built of grey concrete and stone… People who have lived here for long enough are probably used to it now. But I must admit I do miss sunlight and clean air a lot.



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