The Chinese Dragon


In late October I bought this amazing velvet bomber jacket with a beautiful, intricate image of a dragon sewn onto it. I did not get the chance to wear it all winter because it was simply too cold, especially when I went back home for the winter break. But February weather in Shanghai is mild, quite sunny on some days, and so the jacket finally made it to the top of my wardrobe.


Interestingly enough, it is not as Chinese as the picture of the dragon suggests. I bought it here in Shanghai, yes, but at a Korean mall called Seoul Plaza. Even the seller was Korean, and when I told him I really loved Korean food and music, he was so excited he actually sold me the bomber for half the original price. I didn’t even have to haggle.



2 thoughts on “The Chinese Dragon

  1. Oh! It’s amazing! You have a dragon jacket, it’s called Ska-Jan for Japanese! It’s the most difficult to wear the kind of clothes because the dragon and tiger are very strong symbols and not feminin!


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