Over the Knees


I love stockings. Over the knee, below the knee, up to the knee, all the way up, tights, tall socks, short socks… Whatever type, you name it. I hardly ever wear these over the knee ones, though. It took me a while to find out how to make them stay in place and not slide down every time I make a step. Because there is naturally nothing more uncomfortable (and, let’s face it, ungraceful) than having to adjust your ‘legwear’ every two minutes.


The only way that works for me – and if you have a better strategy, let me know in the comments! – is to wear them over a pair of tights. There is more friction between the two materials, and they stay exactly where you put them. It worked perfect with full black tights, as well as sheer ones – and I have yet to test what it’ll look like when I wear them over colourful ones!



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