Christmas in Shanghai

Merry Christmas 2016 to everyone!

For the first time ever, I celebrated the most important holiday of the year away from my family, only with Francis. In spite of the fact that China is not one of the countries that see Christmas as a festive time to be spent in the family circle (let alone as a Christian holiday) but just as another opportunity to take advantage of the winter sales, we managed to spend two lovely days in a festive mood – especially the Christmas eve.

We’d booked a table at a British restaurant, and enjoyed a proper Christmas feast of turkey, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and mince pies. Our British dinner was followed by the Czech tradition of opening presents in the evening, and cutting apples to find little star shapes in the cores (for good luck and sound health in the next year).

On the Christmas day we walked around the city centre, bought some more mince pies (though you can never eat enough!), and had coffee.

Overall, I think we enjoyed our little Christmas as well as we could, and below I’ve posted a small gallery of our Christmasy pics.

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