China Art Museum


I’m seriously falling behind my blogging schedule! I’ve been really busy recently, especially now that the semester finals are coming up. Anyway, I wanted to share these pictures; not really because of what I was wearing – though now that I’m thinking about it, I have somewhat adopted the Asian “long, loose cardigan, lace socks and a midi skirt” combo, so you can judge for yourself if it suits me or not.


In fact, I primarily wanted to share the photo of this building:

China Art Museum.


The captivating monumentality does not surprise me that much, considering everything else I’ve seen in Shanghai. However, this type of building seems so unusual to me, and even from up close it barely looks real. I’m not really sure what goes on on the inside, if there actually are any exhibitions to be seen but like many places in Shanghai (and, presumably, China in general) it looks deserted, like a ghost of a not not too distant past.


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