The Fur Issue


Alright. This post is a sort of a concerned confession and appelation. Let me begin. I’m not quite sure if this trend was around when I visited Shanghai in January but it had certainly become big by the time I arrived in September: cute bunny keychains, available in a wide range of colours and sizes, sold everywhere from the tiniest market stalls and street vendors to high-end shops. I thought of buying one myself but I didn’t want to get one off the streets because those naturally tend to be of noticeably lesser quality. So I paid a fair sum of money for one I found in this relatively posh shopping centre. I should have known there would be a catch.


The very evening (and I regret I did it only then) I examined the label a bit more closely, only to find out, it was allegedly made by a large fur-producing company. I tried to persuade myself that labels in China are less than reliable, yet after some browsing on the internet and a close examination of the poor bunny’s hair, the truth really turned out to be what I feared: I had purchased a real mink fur product. As in, an actual animal died just for this silly keychain to be made. What do I do? In fact, I am somehow conflicted: I have worn it a few times and I know for sure that I mustn’t throw it away ever because that would make the whole point even worse, but at the same time – I own real animal fur. And this freaks me out. My immediate realisation was that next time I’ll have to look really closely at anything that may even loosely resemble animal hair to make sure it’s artificial. However, when I was trying to find more information on the issue, it turned out that a very large proportion of what is made in China and labelled as faux fur, is actually genuine. So now I definitely know that it means no more (faux) fur for me.


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