The West Bund


There are numerous parks and walking paths all around Shanghai. From just looking at the map it actually looks like a very green city, with 10 % of its area formed by water bodies like lakes and canals. The most important and largest one is, however, one particular river. The river. Shanghai sits right at the delta of the Yangtze river, and I think I am right to say that it ows it all of its fame, as well as its extremely rapid growth.


By the river there is a very, very long walking path that runs from north to south, and is mostly frequented by dog owners and joggers. The most famous part is the Bund, which faces Lujiazui, the modern skyscraper area. Day and night, it crawls with tourists and couples, and no matter what time of day you arrive, there are always crowds of people with cameras and selfie sticks. So once you’ve experienced all that, I definitely recommend visiting the West Bund, where these photos were taken. Though it lacks in fascinating architecture, it certainly has a lot to offer when you just want to take a long walk on a nice Saturday afternoon.


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