Cycling Queen


However strange it may sound, a city as enormous as Shanghai can actually sustain a large, thriving cycling community, and support it through building and maintaining a dense net of cycling paths and lanes. Yet it may come as a surprise to some that unlike in Europe, hipsters and students actually form a very negligible part of this community. Most members of the biking population are lower-class workers and seniors who get around the city on their old, often rather rusty, bikes.


However, nothing is lost for those who can’t or don’t want to buy their own bicycle! (Like me, yes.) A service called Mobike is something that has been introduced to Shanghai and Beijing, following successful implementation in several American cities. It works on the basis of an app that allows you to find public bikes in your vicinity, and pay for the ride online. You can find and park the bicycles virtually anywhere around the city. What a wonderful invention!


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