Love as great as Brno


Those who have seen my blog before are probably aware that I come from the beautiful Czech town of Brno. These photos were taken in the very very centre of the city on one of these hot summer days. Brno is a great place to live – not too big to be crowded, and not too small to be a backwater. And even if you’re a devoted traveller and don’t like to stay in one place, Brno is a home that you always feel happy to go back to.


Brno is also a very cool and hip place, and it loves to make fun of itself. A perfect example is the clock-tower featured in my pictures (no one knows how to read the time off it but we all appreciate it as a rare piece of phallic architecture), and a statue of a knight on a horse whose legs are so long it resembles a giraffe. I proudly wear a picture of it on my gift tote bag, which also reads ‘Láska jako Brno’ – a Czech idiom meaning ‘great love’. Fitting!


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