Bubble Tea Maniac


I am not quite sure if I have stressed this enough in any of my previous posts so I’m going to do it now: I’m a serious bubble tea enthusiast, and I hardly go for a week without it. Luckily for me, bubble tea bars have been popping up all around my hometown so that gives me plenty of choice – do I want just something sweet and cheap or do I intend to indulge myself and buy the expensive but traditional and delicious variety?


I prefer buying various fruity versions because there are so many flavours to choose from, yet when I go for a milky one, it’s usually matcha or traditional assam tea – I haven’t had such good experience with other milky combinations. And I almost always ask for the least sweet option – it simply tastes better (and is healthier, too, yay!). The general opinion is that nothing compares to the original Taiwanese bubble tea but I’d say that even here in Europe we’re not so badly off.


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