Yellow Is for You


Yellow is the colour of the sun and happiness but, traditionally, also of jealousy. It seems to be popular with children but adults seem to prefer other, usually less bold, colours. When it comes to fashion, here in the middle of Europe people do not wear it much (unless it is their absolute favourite colour, or they are devoted to hippie or outdoor style) because it is not very flattering for our fair skin and indeterminate hair colour.


However, this spring yellow has come into the centre of attention – at least as the number one colour of accessories. Everyone seems to be craving a mustard handbag, or a pair of vanilla-coloured earrings. This trend came a bit as a surprise to me because the usual spring/summer preference is white combined with light blue or beige. Not this year! So I dug up my canary shoulder bag, and started tuning myself to summer vibes.


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