Pretty Pastel Pink


Now that my hair is bleached, it’s become so much easier to dye it any colour! Especially pastels. I absolutely adore pastel shades of pink, blue and green, and that was another reason for me to pursue my intention and finally change my hairstyle. The first colour that I decided to test is none other than salmon pink. The dye itself is bright red, yet after testing it, I found out it only appeared red near the roots of my hair, and the rest turns perfect, soft pink. I think it looks quite lovely!


The backdrop for my pretty pastels ‘shoot’ happened to be the beautiful French-style flower garden in the town of Kromeriz. You might remember it from a post I published almost exactly a year ago. I was lucky to visit it again this year – it’s not far away from my hometown Brno, and sunny May weekends are the perfect time to admire the flowers and plants grown in the garden and take a relaxing walk along the tall hedges.


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