Fifty Shades of Green


Green is one of the colours I would probably point out as my favourites. However, as I have developed my taste, also my opinion on what shade of green is the prettiest has changed – several times. I remember liking the colour khaki when I was about twelve years old – not a very girly colour, I am not quite sure why I took fancy in it. When I was about fifteen, I entered my hippie phase, and that was when I loved everything in bright hues – bright red, bright yellow – and bright green, too.


Now I prefer more sophisticated (be they subtle or bold) tones: sweet mint, elegant jade and exciting turquoise. It seems the great season of dark green was last autumn, and I fully approved of the trend, but I somehow get attracted to the colour in the spring – when plants and trees start growing and turn green again. The cycle of nature, isn’t it?


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