Colourful World


And here I go again, dressed in all sorts of colours. Spring requires it! Seeing all the colourful flowers, blue skies, and a lot of hours of sun cheers me up every day. So I’ve naturally started to wear my fun coral-coloured jeans, and threw in a handful of other, more of less matching pieces of clothing and accessories. Being close to opposite in the spectrum, dark blue tones look great with pinky orange. But then, dark blue looks great with everything (like I’ve stressed more than once already).


Looking at these picures, taken only two days ago, I realised I’d mixed all sort of patterns and accessories which normally wouldn’t even appear next to each other. A pair of wire glasses made and bought in China. Canvas slippers covered in a Peruvian pattern. A casual t-shirt with a print of an Indian mandala. And yet the final effect is nice and refreshing. It’s funny how small and colourful the world actually is!


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