Blue Raindrops


Rain. The beautiful, poetic, inevitable spring rain. Well, inconvenient at times but a perfect reason for dusting off (literally) my good old wellies, and skipping out happily into the outside world. Over the course of a few years I have collected numerous basic pieces in dark blue (because black is… well, too black), and now everything is matching and it’s great.


It’s not really bold or even properly visible here but my hair also seems to be matching the blue/pink colour scheme of the outfit. The really short parts are blueish lilac after the bleaching, while the long part is toned peachy pink (I’ve been experimenting with highlights). Next time I’ll try to get even more adventurous!


8 thoughts on “Blue Raindrops

  1. Indeed, Olga! I took a break temporally but I had to back to work because generally human resorces has been changing our working places during early April to May in Japan, generally we say this term ” it’s so busy days”…

    Anyway, you also had experienced cherry blossoms! What a beautiful pics you send on your posts! Thank you for sharing good things everytime!


    1. Thank you very much, Kei! Yes, there are quite a lot of cherry trees around here, and I like to take pictures of them every spring. This year I managed to make a few good photos, so I posted them here. I’m glad you like them! I noticed you also had a post about sakura blossoms! Everyone sees sakuras as one of the symbols of Japan.
      I hope that after the changes at your working place you will have some time off. You’ve been working very hard, it seems!

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  2. How are you Olga! I always enjoy your posting every time! And was impressed by your fashion select each season or daily!
    Year I’m preparing presentation for med conferece in June. Working time will kill me than ever in particulary this year, haha!


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