Dazzle in the Sun


April is here! I can’t believe time flies so fast! The winter was really mild but I still feel surprised that spring has already arrived into my part of the world. I know, I know, I am always astonished at the arrival of a new season. I think I’m quite lucky to live in a place where the seasons change, and I like all of them, even the coldest of winters and hottest of summers. I simply enjoy the variety!


If I really, really had to chose my favourite part of year, it would be spring, despite the fact that I’m a January child. The beautiful thing about April is all that blossoming and growth that’s happening everywhere around. Just everyone seems to be pleased with the warm, sunny weather – even people who start complaining about feeling too hot as soon as the temperature rises to 20°C, yet to me all of this feels so new and refreshing after winter.


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