Living by the Creed


On my blog I’ve been showcasing all sorts of my hobbies – besides fashion especially music and travelling. However, one big part of my spare time activities has been given very little (if any) room – possibly because it is not connected to fashion in the most obvious way. I’m talking about video games. I’ve been an avid player ever since my dad put our very first PC into operation.


In the recent years, I’ve been a big fan of Assassin’s Creed. However, even my current laptop is getting old and doesn’t support all the graphics so I’ve only been able to play it on my boyfriend’s Xbox 360. The only thing that annoys me is about that is the fact that Syndicate (yep, the logo on my t-shirt), the newest AC game, only runs on Xbox One. We’ll have to invest in a new console, I guess!


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