New Hairstyle, New Lifestyle


So, I had my hair cut. And bleached. And dyed almond blonde. Finally!

I seriously needed a change.

I had been a ginger for six years. I love red hair colour, and all those years I felt like it fit my appearance and my personality. But after some time and several different hairstyles (I was alternating between short pixie cuts and long bobs) I simply started to get bored. There’s so many amazing styles I haven’t tried yet!


Then there’s another reason:

A change of lifestyle, habits and hobbies. This also took me some time to realise and respond to but here I am. After almost six years of studying I am slowly preparing for the working life, and in connection to that, my ideas about my future career and life in general have somewhat changed (and so has my personality, in a way).

Finally, thanks to my relatively recent interest different cultures and travelling I have gained so much inspiration and enthusiasm for new things! And my current hairstyle is a great example of that – I had it cut in a style inspired by no other than Shinee’s Taemin!


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