Looking for Korean popculture in Shanghai


It’s surely evident that in the last few months I’ve been doing little else than listen to Korean pop in my spare time (and, to tell the truth, I had quite a lot of time last semester). It cheers me up, inspires me, and – however unlikely that might sound – it widens my horizons and deepens my knowledge of other cultures.

And because I’ve become such an enthusiast lately, I’ve naturally been looking for all the possible signs of Korean popular culture and artists (and, in some cases, related Chinese ones).


My trip to Shanghai was a great opportunity to do a huge “research” because in China it’s the real thing! I managed to capture all sorts of EXO pictures, there were lots of Luhan and Kris photo opportunities (because besides being very popular they actually are Chinese), and there were a few surprise Siwon (Super Junior) pics. And loads of BIGBANG and G-Dragon, like, loads. And K-drama. There is plenty to see – my collection shows just a small proportion.

Before my trip I was wondering if I could somehow find the place where EXO’s Chen filmed his pathcode video. I knew it was supposed to be somewhere in Shanghai but that was all I knew – and considering Shanghai’s size, that is not much. However, with all the excitement of the trip, I forgot about it completely. What a suprise when I came back home, and found out I’d taken a picture of it! I’d walked past the place quite a few times without even noticing. I’ve put together a small collage of the ‘evidence’ I collected. Just take a look at my gallery!

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