Shining Pearls


Being a student and a freelance teacher of English means that I don’t have to conform with any sorts of office dresscodes. Good for me! I hate to think that one day I might have to give up wearing loose t-shirts, patterned tights and crazy animal jumpers. Still, from time to time I like to put on something more elegant – but never boring! I probably couldn’t stand just a plain white blouse with black trousers.


This skirt is one of my relatively new pieces – I bought it in the summer and I haven’t worn is much since then. I was very indecisive about the purchase; I actually had to go back to the shop a few days after I found it there because I just wasn’t sure if I should buy it the first time. Now I’m really happy I did! It’s quite versatile, yet interesting, and it is a great example of the sort of elegant fashion I like to wear.


6 thoughts on “Shining Pearls

  1. I love your earrings and the pearl details on the top! I’m lucky enough to work in a fairly creative profession where I can interpret “business casual” in a quirky and exciting way–a plain white blouse and basic business slacks would be my worst nightmare too!


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