Layer over Layer


Layering is just as natural part of winter as snow, frost and dark early mornings. However, in recent years there has been a lot of talk about making it fashionable as well as functional. I am a huge fan myself because I find layering incredibly practical – four layers for the outside, three for reading in the library, two for sitting in class. True, you always have to carry some clothes around but it’s definitely preferable to being either too cold or too hot.


The rules of layering are easy to learn: a shirt, jumper, blazer and a coat should do the trick. I’ve been looking for some further inspiration to make the whole look a bit more interesting. What I find cool is EXO Chanyeol’s style of combining superlong cardigans, jackets and skinny jeans:


It’s quite an eyecatching outfit, and it’s particularly cool thanks to the matching colour of the jacket and the cardigan. Even though I’m not very tall and can’t therefore wear overly long pieces, the effect is still there.


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