Dots and Stripes


It’s been a really beautiful day today, and not very cold. No snow, no rain, even. Because there is no more frost on the streets, I could happily wear my light ankle boots without the fear of slipping. Some could argue that a dots-and-stripes cavas bag is a very summery thing, I think it’s great to hold onto something that reminds you of happy spring or summer days – be it a bag, a piece of jewellery or just a wallpaper on the screen of your phone.


Here again I returned to my favourite royal blue. The jumper is quite an old piece but very versatile. Also, thanks to its cut and the neck part it looks really nice with big necklaces. The one I’m wearing in the photos is all made of glass beads so it’s very heavy (and therefore I don’t wear it often). It was made by the Czech jewellery company Preciosa, and I really like it – particularly because the caramel colour makes the beads look like little toffee sweets.


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