Shake My Heart


If you read my blog posts every now and then, it must have been impossible for you not to notice my enthusiasm for anything Korean, or Asian in general, in the recent months. It started off with music but after music came TV shows, and then food, and… It’s a fantastic, infinite chain, and I’m so excited because I’m discovering a whole new world. In this post I combined two of those features: music and food.


The print on my top says “Why are you shaking my heart” – a bit of dubious “Engrish” but possibly the most famous line from a song by BTS, something of the band’s catchphrase. I really like the handwritten design, and I think it’s quite subtle yet fashionable. And as for the food – the famous Pepero stick! I didn’t think I could actually buy it here in the Czech Republic but I was lucky to find a Korean grocery shop in Prague. Daebak!


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