Caramel Macchiato


I brought a few souvenirs back from Berlin. Apart from kimchi and Pocky sticks I bought several pieces of clothing. I added another piece to my ever-growing collection of cardigans (not really visible here, unfortunately), got a pair of the blackest winter tights I could find, and a huge tartan scarf I had longed for since my last year’s visit to Dresden. And thanks to my mum and her last weekend’s wardrobe cleaning fit I got hold of this beautiful green handbag.


I was wearing this whole outfit just yesterday when I met up with my sister after school, and went to have some food and a cup of delicious creamy coffee from a popular stall right in the centre of the city. And for a cute and festive feel I also put on a pair of Santa Claus earrings I got from my parents just after I had come back from Berlin. Christmas really is coming up!


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