Ma City


Brno, my hometown, is the perfect place to live for many reasons. The most important one is – and I’m not the first person by far to observe that – that it’s big enough to be a cosmopolitan city overflowing with career opportunities, cultural retreats and shops, yet still small enough to retain a cozy, homely atmosphere and a local feel.


Thanks to the fact that Brno is situated in the heart of an agricultural region it is very easy to buy local products – not only fresh fruit and veggies but also famous Moravian wine. But going 100% local not always easy as I live in the suburbs and the range of shops is limited to chain supermarkets. But whenever I get the chance, I stroll around the markets and tiny shops in the centre, and treat myself to some fresh strawberries, home-made cake or a slab of local cheese.


7 thoughts on “Ma City

      1. It is very well done. I think I’m going to really like their new album. I do hope, however, that sometime in the near future they go back to their more tougher, hip hop roots. I really love this concept too, but I’d love to see your outfit for it!

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