Essential Red


I really like Autumn. Yes, it’s incredibly annoying that I have to get up while it’s still dark and get home when it’s dark again (I find darkness rather depressing) but it’s such a beautiful time of year. With so many colours all around, and unpredictable weather, each day is different and interesting. And it’s also a great time for my wardrobe because after the summer I can start wearing my favourite tights again, and experiment with various types of matching skirts and tops.


In this post I’m showing off this amazing chequered midi skirt. I found it at M&S last week, and I wasn’t even looking for anything to actually buy. It only cost me 200 CZK (5 quid or 7 €), would you believe that? Such an amazing piece! I don’t know why I’ve grown so fond of midi skirts. Perhaps it’s because they’re incredibly practical, and can look effortlessly elegant (with high heels and fancy jewellery) or cool and youthful (with sneakers and a loose t-shirt).


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