Love Me Right


With the love of Asian music inevitably comes the love of Asian fashion. (Or the other way round, perhaps.) As I’ve been living in the Czech Republic all my life, I know it is virtually impossible to find shops that sell clothing by Asian designers and brands here – Czech shops sell mainly German, British and Italian fashion. But even though I haven’t been lucky enough to find a Korean or Japanese e-shop that delivers all the way to the heart of Europe, I still love to draw inspiration from current trends.


This time, I based my outfit – quite loosely – on EXO’s video Love Me Right, particularly Sehun’s set as it’s possibly the easiest one to emulate:


I totally fell in love with those trousers. I have several ankle-length pairs, and they even appeared in some of my old posts, but this kinda old-school “black trousers – white socks – black shoes” combo has been appearing all over the place, and it absolutely got me as well.


11 thoughts on “Love Me Right

      1. Of course! It’s nice to see someone who actually likes EXO’s fashion for a change. (Although, I secretly hate that SM coordinators and stylists have a vendetta against the men, especially against Kyungsoo and former member Tao.)


      2. Oh yes, I agree! However, I think that Kyungsoo and Tao are still better off than poor Xiumin – he always ends up being the only one wearing shorts. For some reason they try to style him as a little boy although he’s the oldest one.

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      3. Oh, yes that is absolutely true. Well, I think the worst case of short-shorts goes to BTS when all of the members were put in these shorts for their I Need U promotions. Yes, Xiumin is made to look like a little boy a lot. To me, he is one of the most underrated members of EXO as a whole, not just EXO-M.

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      4. I totally agree with that – when it comes to BTS, they’re either wearing perfect outfits or it’s a disaster. I was shocked when I saw what J-Hope was wearing in the video for For You – his shorts looked like underwear! And you’re absolutely right about Xiumin, he’s a great singer and dancer as well, yet you can hardly ever see him in the front line. I’m glad he got to record a solo song, at least.

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      5. I know! Poor Hobi, what he was forced into…and I think V’s regular fashion is funny. Like, if you see him on the streets or if someone gets a picture of him, he’s always dressed very well and then other times he’s in oversized pants or shirts with holes in them, but he makes it look…better? I like BTS’s outfits most of the time, but I like that their Bulletproof pt 2 concept best. It really fit them well and it especially looked good on Hobi versus the others, who just looked good no matter what they wear.

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