Colourful Autumn


Yet another post to prove my love of colours – I guess this comes as no surprise. It seems I am the very opposite of most people interested in fashion: every time I happen to read a magazine article or an internet post devoted to clothing, and the writer/model/designer speaks about their day-off clothing preferences, they always mention just slipping into a pair of boyfriend jeans and putting on a simple black t-shirt- and tadaaa!, the fabulous look is done.


Well, when I get dressed on a free day or in a hurry, the first thing I go to is colourful tights. No joking. I pair them up with a cute skirt or my favourite black shorts, find an appropriate top, and I’m good to go. I don’t really find jeans that comfortable, and in a world where they’ve become the daily standard for most people I simply don’t want to be just another head in the herd – and it’s rather surprising what simple things can make you stand out.


One thought on “Colourful Autumn

  1. It’s amazing how different you can look, comparing this post and the next one is like two very different people. Very professional here and very out there in the next entry. Very cute all over.

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