Remember a Day


‘Remember a Day’ is one of my favourite early Pink Floyd songs. I felt it is an appropriate name of this post because this outfit really does remind me of a particular day from a few years ago. I was wearing the very same top and earrings (and very, very similar red jeans) on a day I took a really long walk with who was to become my boyfriend. It was about a month before we got together. I have proof!


It was in late March 2012 so the trees were still bare but it was an unusually warm day, I remember it was almost 20°C so we could walk around just in our t-shirts. We walked over 20 kms from the centre of Brno to Veveri castle which is situated by a nearby lake.


I’m not entirely sure why I remembered this particular day just now – I probably found the floral top on the bottom of my wardrobe and this memory just sprang into my mind. I’ve been to Veveri many times but this is the one memory I am particularly fond of.


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