Tea Rose Garden


Everyone loves coffee. Well, almost everyone. I certainly do. I am not one of those who have to drink it as the first thing in the morning, nor do I need to have five cups a day in order to function. But I like to drink it in the late morning, after my early lessons – because that’s when I have a bit of time to relax. And I usually take a cup in the afternoon, either to help me get rid of a starting headache or to fight off sleep for a few more hours.


However, I would definitely describe myself as a tea person. Unless I carry a waterbottle around, I drink basically just tea. Any variety. Green in the morning, black tea with milk on some afternoons, white tea, herbal, ginger, rooibos… And I like it warm, in a giant mug, even in the summer. Most of my classmates drink coke – well, and I always sip on tea.


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