Unicorn Hair


We all knew this moment had to come at some point: I’ve had my hair dyed pink. Rich, rather dark, beetroot shade of pink. I wanted to do this for quite some time but I didn’t feel like abandoning my foxy ginger hair, and I was too lazy to have my hair bleached first. But then my tint of ginger became kinda dull, and I thought maybe I could find a pink dye slightly darker than my current colour so I wouldn’t have to bleach it.


And so I discovered Directions dyes. I had actually seen some of them in a shop in Brighton last year but totally forgot about them. Going through their range, I finally decided for Cerise as the perfect hue. And I was even lucky enough to find it in Metalshop right here in Brno. My sister agreed to dye my hair for me and here I am, with the perfect shade of pink! It’s fabulous, and it somehow makes me fall in love with crazy hair colours – perhaps when I cut my hair short again and I’m bothered to have it bleached, I’ll try lavender, tangerine or mint green.


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