You Can’t Have a Rainbow without the Rain


I love bright colours, unusual fashion and crazy or silly patterns. What I am a bit less keen on, is various inscriptions on pieces of clothing. Generally, I avoid labels and brand names because I find them unnecessary, and I don’t believe in brand loyalty. Every now and then I consider parody versions – one of my favourites is LV for Lord Voldemort. But even then, there must be an extra meaning I can relate to, and I only find something like that rarely.


When I was in Ljubljana in the summer I wanted to buy a nice, big souvenir that would remind me of what a beautiful holiday I spent in Slovenia. I happened to wander into a nice small shop with a lot of fun, hand-made products, and I instantly thought that one of their drawstring bags would be the perfect thing for me. I decided for the one saying “You Can’t Have a Rainbow without the Rain”. The bag itself is really cute. And most importantly – what it’s saying is true, every time. You can’t just wait for something good to happen. You must invest your effort in whatever you do – and in the end, all your hard work and waiting will pay off.


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