Theatre Fashion Market


On Saturday it was time to yet again make an appearance in the hipster community of my town. There’s this alternative fashion event taking place twice a year, and it always happens to be a great opportunity to go out and see what unusual clothing or cosmetics people wear these days. There’s always great fashion to be seen, great food to be eaten (usually vegan or raw) and great music to listen and dance to (and I always do so).


I thought it would be the perfect chance to wear my foxy tights again – they were actually bought at the very same event a year ago. The market usually takes place at an old factory building somewhere around Brno but this time it was happening right in the centre by the opera and ballet theatre (and thus changed its name from “factory fashion market” to “theatre fashion market”).


I didn’t stay long – it turned out the hipster community I wanted to see so much had got slightly older and was now a community of mothers with prams – and that made it somewhat harder to move around easily without being run over or knocking down toddlers. However, if you want to see what the market looked like, here’s a small gallery of photos.

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