Olomouc (A Guest Appearance)


Just before the end of the week my mum was celebrating her birthday. As she naturally had to be at work until Friday, we decided to relax a bit at the weekend and let her choose what to do. She wanted to go on a trip to the beautiful historical city of Olomouc. It’s only an hour’s ride away from Brno, and it’s a significant UNESCO heritage site.


The weather turned out to be very autumnal so I had to put on a few layers. We were lucky not to get rained on, though. All four of us went, and while we were walking around town and taking photos, my sister agreed to be featured in my newest post.


My sister’s fashion style is quite different from mine but I like it, and admire it for being very consistent and sophisticated. She loves dark and muted tones, especially the colour grey. She’s really into minimalist clothing, and she’s a master of mixing current trends and timeless pieces.


Olomouc is a town of outstanding beauty, and it’s a popular tourist spot. Personally, I prefer to visit it in late autumn when there are thousands of leaves lying around and there is light wind blowing in the narrow inner-city streets. To give you a taste, I created a small gallery of my newest pictures of Olomouc.

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