Ljubljana & Maribor (A Guest Appearance)


This is the last post about my amazing holiday in Slovenia and in it I’d like to introduce my mum. In addition to all the important things she and dad did to bring me up to be a good person, she also triggered my love of personalised fashion, pretty handbags and lovely shoes. Děkuju, mami!

In the photos she’s posing on the river bank in Maribor, which was our last destination before the inevitable end of our vacation.

Maribor is a sweet little town in the north of the country. It lies on the river Drava and despite its size it’s a pulsing university centre. Here are some pictures:

The highlight of our tour was the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. It’s a beautiful city with a very relaxed spirit and hipster nightlife. I fell in love with it immediately. The temperature fell sharply so we spent two days walking in summer rain and white mist. Such an amazing atmosphere! See for yourself:

And one thing I noticed is Ljubljana’s rich street art collection – unusually big for a Central European town:

I incredibly enjoyed our trip to Slovenia. I am happy that even now, being 24 years old, I can spend a great holiday with my parents. And for everyone who ever gets a chance to visit this seemingly small country: the size really doesn’t matter!

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