A trip to the fortified town of Palmanova was a small digression from our stay in Trieste. It was my idea, and it dates back to April or perhaps May – precedently to our trip – when I was looking at the map of the border area of Slovenia and Italy. This caught my eye:


A perfect, star-shaped city? I had to see that! My parents were so captivated by the idea that they added an extra day to our holiday plan just for a visit to Palmanova!


We arrived to Palmanova in the early afternoon, which meant that all the shops were closed because of siesta, there were no people in the streets and we had the whole city to ourselves. We had an espresso in a lovely local café and walked around in the scorching sun. I was surprised by how small Palmanova is – it only takes about ten minutes to walk from one tip of the star to the opposite one. However, the central square Piazza Grande really is grande.


After all, you can see all that in the photos I took. There’s not that many of them but I think they are quite illustrative:

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