Trieste & Castello di Miramare


After visiting Slovenian coast, we continued nortwards to Italy. The famous and historical city of Trieste is just about twenty kilometres away from Koper, Slovenia’s biggest port (also amazing), and so it seemed natural to make a small detour on our travels around Slovenia. Trieste is a city of faded beauty and vintage feel. Walking along its streets you can almost taste the traces of its former fame and importance, dating back to the 1920’s and before.


Just beyond the city limits there lies a small treasure – the white castle of Miramare. Its name means “miracle on the sea”, and that is exactly what it looks like. It sits on a small cliff and looks out into the blue nothingness of the Adriatic. We approached it by car but I believe it must be even more beautiful to see it from a ship. It is probably the one must-see place in Trieste and surroundings – right after its city centre.


Just a small gallery of photos I took in Trieste and at Miramare:

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